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GKC-North Softball Team Camp

Weston , MO


07/12/2019 - 07/12/2019
Weston , MO
Female: Softball
Grades: 9-12
Student: $25.00
Adult: $0.00


We would like to welcome you to our first FCA Kansas City North Softball Team Camp. Teams will compete in a round robin tournament. Games will be situational with a one hour time limit. Included will be team Bible studies and special guest speaker. GAMES: Each inning of the game will allow your players to see and execute different situations. Inning one will begin like a normal game, with no runners on base. Inning two will begin with a runner on first. Inning three with runners on first and third. Inning four with a runner on third. If there is time for a fifth inning, it will be just like inning one. The runners can be chosen from your substitutes or the last out, or two outs from the previous inning. Your choice. Each game will end when the one hour and fifteen minute time limit has expired. There will be no official score kept but high school softball rules will be followed, including no free substitution.


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Bailee Giger
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